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At 8 in the Universe we design and deliver eclectic face-to-face holistic learning experiences, that empower people and organisations, to be healthier and happier.

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What would zhuzch up your life?

Of course, we are all striving to live our best lives, but that’s easier said than done as we try to negotiate the ever increasing volume of wellbeing information that’s directed at us, to make the right choices and incorporate them into our life. We hear it but is it speaking to us?

Somewhere there is a disconnect.

We can change that

We believe with the right collaborations we are all capable of creating the terrain for a healthy, happy, authentic life.
At 8 in the Universe we understand the challenges each of us face to create new lifestyle habits, it’s certainly not easy to find the motivation and mindset required to go beyond good intentions and maintain behavioural change.

That’s where we come in

We’ve developed a unique and playful framework of 8 Elements that guides all our workshops and events. By fusing modern science with ancient wisdom, we show you the power you hold to influence your psychology and physiology, help remind you that you are the constant in a world of shifting biology and information.

“8 in the Universe have a thoroughly original approach to promoting wellbeing. If you are looking for an event or experience that will really get people thinking about how they can live well and get the most from life, I can't recommend Marian and Karen highly enough!”

Sarah Henderson, Director of Operations at Echo

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