By Marian Connor

I was thinking…

That the sun might peep out soon for longer than five minutes and this will require a wardrobe review.

In anticipation of this I took a look at my tootsies to check out the pedicure situation. What action is required to allow me to reveal my toes to the elements and perhaps unleash my legs onto unsuspecting bystanders?

I think seasonal exposure will be something of a shock considering my lower limbs have been shrouded in trousers and hosiery for many a month.

And sure enough my skin is really less than its best, unless I can do something to alleviate the arid landscape that is my legs, I feel I may cause a stir in the street with any poor creatures at shin level, they may take a fright believing something reptilian this way comes.

I don’t recall this state of affairs at the end of summer. Time and season has cruelly taken its toll turning my legs into a representation of onion or garlic skin. Those strays that get forgotten in the drawer of the fridge to be discovered after many weeks shrivelled and paper like.

What’s needed is operation moisturise.

Need to brush skin regularly. I know I should be doing this all year. Soft brush, circular motion over skin towards the heart, to assist circulation and lymph drainage as well as slough off those dead cells that rob your skin of any glow it might be harbouring.

But you know on a cold winter evening the choice between a glass of wine, good conversation, a film, or an extra 10 minutes scrubbing flesh that will not see the light of day for another 3 months becomes a no-brainer.

But spring has sprung so it’s time to take action. I will use even more moisturiser and body oil than usual to seal into my skin as much moisture as possible to improve its appearance, even if it does leave me looking like a greasy chip for a while. And use lots of natural recipes for bathing and scrubs.

Micha Christmann, Resident Aromatherapist at 8 in the Universe recommends the following potions, easily created at home to prepare your skin for better weather.

Deep “Spring” cleansing bath salts:

50g                   Sea salt

1 tablesp.         Bicarbonate of soda / or baking powder

1 tablesp.         Honey

5 drops.           Essential oil of your choice (optional)      

Step 1

Put the salt and bicarbonate of soda into a mixing bowl

Add essential oil (if used) – stir well

Drizzle the honey on top of the mix

Step 2

Run the bath, pour in the salt mix, give it a swirl, climb in and relax for 20 minutes.

 Cleansing facial scrub:

This gentle facial scrub will make your skin feel like a peach and is ideal to get your skin ready for the season.

1 tablesp.       Ground oatmeal

1 tablesp.       Ground almonds

1 tablesp.       Ground lavender blossoms

1 teasp.           Cornmeal

5 ml                 Sweet almond oil (or any other good quality of carrier oil)

 5 drops          Essential oil of your choice (optional)


Place all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix until uniform.

Blend the carrier oil and essential oil (if used) together and add to the dry ingredients

Mix very well

Fill mixture into a glass or hard plastic jar

Method of use:

Use one teaspoon of the mixture with enough water to make a paste.

Wet face, apply scrub and gently massage into face and neck avoiding the eye area.

Clean off with warm water – dab dry and apply a thin layer of moisturiser.

Your skin will feel like a peach!

Use 1 – 2 times a week

Shelf- life: 2 months


I think it’s also time to review the moisturising situation from the inside out too. Check my water intake is adequate although it may not have a direct affect on my skin, it will help to flush out toxins which is always a good idea, water bottle at hand, in my bag and on the desk.

Add in extra nuts, seeds and avocados to my food list to provide more good essential fats and vitamin E. And eat all those bright coloured foods, strawberries, blueberries, sweet potatoes that taste great and are a feast for the eyes as well as boosting vitamin C and antioxidants, to assist immune function and healing processes.

Must not skip exercise sessions because the boost to circulation nourishes my skin too and speeds up repair and renewal.

Lastly remember sunscreen on anything exposed to sunlight. I must not forget my digits’ and tootsies deserve as much protection from UVA/UVB rays as any other bit of me.

So let’s hope with all the scrubbing and slathering, jogging and berry eating, my arid little legs will appear


Black & white photo of girl on a stool with her legs raised from the 1920-30's

than       Grey scaly lizard leg photograph


…when I do take them for their first seasonal outing.


If you fancy investigating a little more, here is a link to a Web MD article about foods for a healthy skin.


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