By Sheree Wilson

Introduction by Marian Connor

Can you believe its midway through the year? It doesn’t seem six months ago that I decried the efficacy of making New Year resolutions that are broken two weeks later, resulting in a feeling of deep dissatisfaction and the need to be slothful, spend money and consume large quantities of carbs and alcohol to ameliorate the disappointment but I concede that a mid-year review is not a bad thing as the summer solstice approaches.

I think it’s time to make some mid-year revolutions, no it’s not a misspelling, actions to shake up the status quo, prepare you for the temperate weather ahead. Whilst you mull over what actions to take to upgrade your living experience for the second half of this year. We have asked Sheree Wilson, our resident Reiki Master and Crystal Healing expert at 8 in the Universe to suggest some actions to align your energy and crystals to enhance the quality of your Chi.

Sheree over to you…

Pondering the Summer Solstice, yes, this is what I have been doing today whilst sitting in my tiny garden, eating summer berries, sipping Lady Grey and topping up my vitamin D with the recommended fifteen minutes in the sun.

June 21st heralds in the Summer Solstice, thus summer is finally here and how nice it is to feel the warmth of the sun after what seemed like an endless winter and spring. The sun is at its highest and warms the earth for us to hopefully enjoy the heat in July and August.

Looking around me everything is lush green, from so much rain, and is bursting with colour and fragrance. As I brush my hand over herb pots, the aromatic smell of basil wafts in the air and I am reminded that in Italy, it is a token of love.

It is amazing how such simplicity can be so calming and relaxing and it is on such balmy days as this that my thoughts always seem to go back in time, as I ponder what summer meant to people through the ages.

The summer solstice, the longest day, has been observed since Neolithic times. Bronze Age people viewed it as magical. The wonder of light, birth and fertility were celebrated by thousands of people across the Northern Hemisphere, with festivities that went on for many days and nights. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument where people from all over the British Isles celebrated the Summer and Winter Solstice. This ancient ring of standing stones was and still is a place of healing and worship. It is also an ancient burial site. Professor Mike Parker Pearson has done much to shed light onto the ‘Secrets of Stonehenge’ and Durrington Walls.

Below are 8 simple ways to enjoy the season with family and friends and reconnect to your ancient past:

Celebrate sunlight by allowing more into your home

Pamper yourself with lotions and potions

Whenever possible eat outside, light a BBQ or have a picnic

Savour your favourite summer foods and fruits

Take time out to be mindful. Relax with a book; sip a cool drink in your garden or on your balcony, in the park or on the beach

Wherever you are, take time to observe nature, the trees and plants, birds feeding or the summer sky

Perhaps plant something during this point in the growing season

Select tumbled crystals that resonate with the summer months for example:

Citrine – resonates with the sun. Used for prosperity, grounding and balance. Place on solar plexus

Red Jasper – a protective stone, brings stability and grounding, balances the body’s energy systems.   Place on Root chakra

Black Tourmaline and Snow Quartz  – a combination for jet lag and tiredness. Hold one in each hand for 15 minutes

Sodalite – helps to reduce the fear of travelling. Hold or place in pocket

One final thought, each year in July when thousands of people descend upon the East End of London and I hear the faint sound of the Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park, I will now equate this with the summer festivities of like minds long ago on Salisbury Plain.


Links that you might want to investigate:

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Interested in crystals then I recommend Judy Hall’s book: The Crystal Bible


Image: Tile/Header – Stonehenge  – commons