By Marian Connor

I was walking through Canary Wharf when I encountered a group of teeny tiny toddlers being taken for a walk. They were divided into several small groups, each on a lead held by a nursery worker.

They resembled small bundles of Chihuahua’s but instead of short haired fur these wee people were clad in high vis vests.

One of the children began to scream loudly. He did not appear hurt or afeared, he just felt the need to scream. The carer said “I don’t know what you want if you scream, you need to ask in words”.

Ah words, who knows which words he may have chosen could he but have expressed his dissatisfaction with his forced choice of attire, all those little people in oversized dodgy green day-glo vests.

I am sure had they the gift of language these toddlers would have expressed their need to wear something a little more stylish. I know visibility is important, but please, how about pink or orange or a cheeky stripe?

Words are key to communication with others as well as within ourselves. Some days finding the words and understanding ourselves is an uphill struggle. We want to revert to the toddlers screaming method.

And that day was a screaming Chihuahua kind of day. I had woken with the heebie-jeebies and despite my best efforts the mood was not for turning. Add to that the constant demand from my brain for SUGAR. My body chemistry was crying out for comfort supplies to fuel the creation of hormones to lift my mood. Unfortunately the desire to eat my body weight in bread and pastries would probably not do the job and I would be left floating in an inescapable pool of excess sugar and fat with nowhere for it to go. I had a brief conversation with myself and did a deal, take a walk for 30 minutes or so and at the end of which I could eat whatever I darn well liked – which is how I encountered the screamer.

I had tried to discern what the problem was unfortunately some days are just weird that way, but I was making an effort not to take the frustration out on myself and revert to being mean and passing too many internal negative comments. Because we know the language we use with ourselves is extremely important to our worth and wellbeing.

At my destination my fancy was for frozen yogurt. Not a bad choice I must say and because my mood was a little better I began to write this.

The benefits of moving are very well documented. Many people dissuade themselves from moderate movement thinking only great long hikes or runs are of any value, untrue.

All moving is worthwhile

Every step you take is one in the right direction

Walking is the most immediate easily accessible mode of exercise and a vehicle for mood enhancement

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu – The Way of Lao Tzu – Chinese Philosopher 604-531 BC


Enjoy stepping out who knows where it may lead.


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