By Marian Connor

On the back of my last blog on the benefits of moving I was encouraged to go for a trot.

I cannot in all conscience call it a run that would be liable under the trade descriptions act. It implies lightness and fleetness of foot.

The alternative could be a jog, which sounds like a prolonged activity, something one does for an hour or so whilst gathering in the surroundings and being inventive in your mind.

No, I being from potato picking stock have short levers.  They were built for work not speed. My solid haunches and ample hips are for sustained work not jogging.

Nonetheless I need to move myself for all the usual reasons, cardiovascular fitness, mood enhancement, oxygenation and blood pressure moderation. So I trot. How apt that those potatoes my forefathers picked were called ‘lumper’.

This is made more bearable by the fact I am convinced this form of movement a few times weekly is a gift to self.

When I finish my route I have a feeling of achievement. For a brief moment I am elated by the fact I dragged myself out of bed early enough to do this before I begin work for the day and thank myself for this generous contribution to my health and wellbeing (note that positive talk to self).

As I wend my way home to get ready for the day the little congratulatory skip I have in my step is squashed as I see ‘it’ in a car window.  My face!

Where once my head sat is now a big red visage. The hair and the ears are the same but the rest is really quite disagreeable.

I try to tell myself what a good cooling system my body has and this bloom about my face is that system pumping blood to the surface for cooling. But can it only cool on my face, my torso would be kinder, it’s covered?

No I feel horrified and inside I create faces that look like a sculpture of Messerschmidt’s Character Heads. Actually sometimes I resemble them on the outside too. If this is the result of a gift to self, you should keep it love.

But no I tell myself don’t be churlish. I know I need to do this so I will persevere with the trotting. I’ll be back next week to make happy hormones and short of popping a paper bag over my head a la ‘LaBeouf’, I will continue to hope I don’t bump into anyone I know on the way home.


4 Messerschmidt sculptures of male heads

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt  (German – Austrian sculptor 1736 – 1783)

Exercise is the best medicine – Science Daily

Running – Medicine net

Oh and apologies blog followers for the lateness of this post – we were delivering an event on Wednesday and got somewhat distracted.

Image Tile/Header/ Post– Franz Xaver Messerschmidt Character Heads – The Dabbler co uk

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