By Marian Connor

I was thinking…

This is the second instalment of our Wunder Kalender.

A Cabinet of Curiosities – a room, display or case full of weird and wonderful things, its heyday was in 16th and 17th century Europe.

Advent Calendar – used to count and celebrate the days leading to Christmas Day


Church doo marked with a number 10          A dog with huge ears


Among the mammals only man has ears that can display no emotion.”


Sound is measured in decibels. When sound is too loud the ear protects itself by temporarily creating hearing loss.

Continued exposure to high decibel sound above 90db will in time damage hearing.

Whisper – 30db

Conversation – 60db

Alarm Clock sounds – 80db

IPod/Phones – depending on which earphone you use can be 100db which can cause auditory damage after as little as 15 minutes daily.

Thunder – 120db

Airbag deploying in a car – 160db

Sound becomes painful at or above 120db.

Sound waves become shock waves at 194db


Old black & white image of a wooden door    Old books with the word 'Jocose' = playful



Fungus used for making

fires and healing wounds.



Blood of the Olympian Gods.






Underground house or







The art of making

important things trivial

and trivial things important.



Pointing in every direction.



Thank you letter.


Words and definitions from The Little Book of Awe and Wonder by Matthew McFall


Red church door    life Magazine cover of a Scottish Santa on a Reindeer


How healthy is Santa?


Wooden door in a old stone building   Image of a painting of Saint Lucia


Today is the feast day dedicated to St Lucia, a young girl who helped Christians in hiding by bringing supplies whilst lighting her way with a wreath of candles on her head.

The day is celebrated with saffron buns and gingerbread cookies. This is a good time to be reminded of the high sugar content of some everyday foods we consume, before even considering the extras we treat ourselves with at this time of year.

You’d be surprised how many donuts worth of sugar are in these 10 everyday foods.


Old wooden door in old granite wall

It’s National Choral Day.


Black and grey door and frame


A few moves to get you in the festive mood.


Wooden door marked 16

Don’t you just love a festive animal?



Next week will be post the Wunder Kalender for the 17th – 23rd December.


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