By Marian Connor

I was thinking…

It’s time to take a look at the 8 elements of 8 in the Universe.

When we decided to form the company we took a long hard look at what our skills were, how we could use them to create something that could help make life better, for you, for us, for anyone that wanted a better experience from life. How we could devise something that could enable you to take greater control over your life to feel happier, to feel good.

As we acknowledged the many years of experience between us working and lecturing in a eclectic range of subjects from Science to Fashion, Sport to Therapies the overriding element that kept reoccurring was an insatiable curiosity to discover and an inability to keep it to ourselves.

Whilst researching for information to begin packaging this world of discovery in a manageable way, the sheer magnitude of the stuff out there telling us what to do and prescribing how to do it felt overwhelming. Don’t do that it will kill you. Do this every day for the rest of your life and you may add 6 months to your allotted time. Drink this dreadful goo every day after chanting for 20 minutes and life will be blissful. Move to a remote Pacific island to cut your chances of a heart attack.


Is it any wonder we don’t know if we are coming or going. I don’t know about you but information overkill and excessive finger wagging brings out the truculent child in me. I don’t care if it’s bad for me I will eat crap and sit on my arse all day.

To avoid upsetting the child in you we wanted to give you options, things to use if and when you choose, to enable you to upgrade and extend your living experience. Because surely we all want to delay dying, well yes, but it seems to me it’s not so much the dying that’s a problem but the living, the living with chronic health problems that perhaps could have been avoided or at least delayed.

Many of today’s chronic health problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers are greatly affected by our lifestyle and attitude.

The way we treat our body and mind has a direct link to the way our body and mind treats us.

Considering this we wanted to offer you tried and tested ways shown to nurture our mind, body and spirit.

We decided on 8 elements that could be utilised to make you feel happier and enhance your health. Each element has an important role to play but when used together a synergy occurs. They become more than the sum of their parts. They are transformative, they become alchemical.

The 8 elements are:









Over the coming weeks we will look at each element individually. It’s up to you when you apply any of the advice given, but rest assured that with a decision to act and positive small manageable steps – transformation is possible.

If we have whet your appetite for further discovery, keep in mind that we create interactive experiential workshops and events embracing the 8 elements, exploring a myriad of ways to enhance your happiness and health. Oh yes and let’s not forget these are beautifully packaged with individually created accoutrements for your delectation. All delivered by us in a delicious way.

Let the alchemy begin with ‘Nourish’ in our next blog!


Image Tile/Header- Dalton’s Table of Elements 1808 via a postcard on sale for 60p in the Science Museum, London.


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