By Marian Connor

I was thinking…

It’s time for Nourish the first element in our table, to facilitate creating alchemical reactions, an elixir within your life.

Nutrire – Latin – to feed and care for, provide with food and other substances for health and growth.

Nourish is really the umbrella that all the other elements sit under, throughout our lives we need to consider how we nourish our whole being. Our Bodies with good nutrition, activity, rest and relaxation.  Our Minds with mental stimulation and calm, learning and challenges.  Our Spirit with love, care and kindness.

Sensory, our whole being is affected by our sensory input and we can actively nourish it through vision, 60% of our brain is involved in vision, creating a visually pleasing environment to live in helps our stress response, brings pleasure and lifts our mood.

Touch, our brains receive information through physical touch but let’s not forget the sensation of what we wear, what we apply to our skin and the everyday things we often overlook like the pleasure from the sensation of water, a breeze, the warmth from a fire.

Smell, has the ability to create positive and negative responses to calm or lift our mood, aromas have been scientifically proven to have many affects upon us including assisting with memory, learning and exerting an effect on hormone production.

Sound and musical activity engages our brain, as well as the apparent affect on our mood it can be used as a tool for learning and memory.

An illustration of the important role the senses play in our life.


Then there is food.

Nutrition, through food is an enormous subject which is constantly changing but after wading my way through countless books and research papers, a few ideas keep returning, here are some of those ideas to consider.

Eat the most of foods that have been messed around with the least. If the list of ingredients is so tiny that you cannot read the label, maybe you should give it a miss or stick to produce that is so obvious it doesn’t require a label.

Eat the widest variety of foods you can find and afford with colour, texture, flavour, the more variety, the greater mix of nutrients. This will include antioxidants that help combat free radicals, should include good fats, to nourish cell membranes necessary to maintain the health of your central nervous system.

Keep an eye on your sugar consumption, excessive amounts put a strain on all your systems and can cause inflammation. It doesn’t do your skin any favours either.

Drink water. Whether you choose to buy mineral water or turn on the tap, it’s all good for hydration.

Finally although not ingested we need to be aware of our absorption of sunlight and pollutants. Take care to limit exposure to UVA and UVB sunlight, pollutants in household chemicals, exhaust fumes and nicotine. Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage your skin and all other chemicals will put unnecessary strain on the smooth running of your body.

The way we live, think and feed our bodies, what we put on our skin and experience every day will affect us at a cellular level and this contributes to the fabric of our bodies.

It’s a very odd thing –

As odd can be –

That whatever Miss T eats

Turns into Miss T.;

Extract from the poem ‘Miss T’ by Walter de la Mare

This is an intentionally short list because often we get so much information overwhelming us, we feel like rabbits in headlights so we do nothing.

Maybe you could use this as a starting point to do something and explore from here.

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Next time, let the alchemy continue with ‘Move’.

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 Image Tile/Header – A postcard of The Roses of Heliogabalus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, 1888 – bought in the Leighton House Museum, former home of the Victorian artist, Frederic, Lord Leighton, an oasis of calm that facilitated his creations.


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