By Marian Connor

I was thinking…that life moves.

The linear movement of time from our birth moves daily onward or perhaps as Einstein would advocate in a warped way, but nevertheless it moves, as does the life taking place within us.

The fabric of our being on a somatic and psyche level is continually being repaired, renewed and regenerated.

Our ancestors needed to walk in search of sustenance; they needed to be alert to learn where to find fuel for survival out on that savannah.

Today we may not need to move more than a few steps to find and consume large quantities of calorie dense food, but genetically our bodies still crave movement. There is a direct biological connection between movement and cognition, it nurtures neurons, enriches their environment helping survival and connection, which in turn influences how we feel and think.

If you add an element of challenge into the movement you start to get added value for your brain, if you then allow your mind to move by being fluid and open with your thoughts and attitudes, receptive to new ideas and experiences, this will keep your mind fresh and help create new neural connections, then you really are onto a winner. Happy Days.

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

Physical movement can release endorphins which create a feeling of wellbeing, treats your heart, strengthen muscles and bones, moves lymph around and expends calories.

There is so much evidence to the benefits of movement I would encourage you to read further, you could walk to a bookshop or a library to do so or stand up whilst reading articles online. Then you could dance, run, shimmy, skip, whatever you choose, I urge you in the words of the great Greek Goddess of Victory and Sportswear, “Just do it.”

A Gold earring from Greece 350-325 B.C. depicting Nike driving a two horse chariot


Earring with Nike driving a two-horse Chariot – Greek from 350-325 B.C. – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



Here are some good reasons to move:

Exercise: Relaxing and Anti-inflammatory…frequently overlooked. 



You could aspire to this or just enjoy the beauty of her movement.



Let the alchemy continue with our third element, ‘Rest’ in the next blog post.

If we have whet your appetite for further discovery, keep in mind that we create interactive experiential workshops and events embracing the 8 elements, exploring a myriad of ways to enhance your happiness and health. Oh yes and let’s not forget these are beautifully packaged with individually created accoutrements for your delectation. All delivered by us, in a delicious way.

If you haven’t already read our introduction to the 8 Elements, why not check out ‘The Alchemy of 8’.


Image Tile/Header- Photograph ‘Shammosher 1995’ by Lois Greenfield

Image – Gold Earring with Nike driving a two-horse Chariot – Greek from about 350-325 B.C. – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Exercise: Relaxing and Anti-inflammatory…frequently overlooked by Duane Law in NaturalStressCare.Org

YouTube – TEDxOslo: Peter Lovatt – Dance, thinking, hormones

YouTube – Misty Copeland – I WILL WHAT I WANT

YouTube – This Girl Can – Sport England


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