By Marian Connor


I was thinking how fragile life is, our existence is conducted within a body that is fragile, within a world that can exacerbate that fragility. We spend much of our life oblivious to this, particularly during our youth when we believe ourselves invincible, when the only way we will exit this world is through old age, being really, really old and dropping off the end of the world. And of course we will never be old which we believe is the only fate worse than death.

“I hope I die before I get old,” wrote Pete Townshend for The Who in his youth in 1965. Ironically he didn’t, he performed ‘My Generation’ at Glastonbury last weekend 50 years later, grateful I’m sure not to have fulfilled his wish, perhaps with a little schedenfreude for those that had.

As time passes we realise the fragility of life, being fortunate enough to make old bones is not the fate of everyone. We see it in the world as illustrated by events last week, reminding us in no uncertain terms, life can be snatched from us at any moment through destiny, design or disaster. A road accident whilst cycling to work, a heart attack out of the blue or lying on a North African beach.

If you are still with me you may be wondering why you continued with such depressing reading, reminding yourself never to engage in conversation with me as you couldn’t cope with all that doom and gloom, does she ever laugh?

Yes, I do. I laugh a great deal at the absurdity of life, but also at the wonder of it, I believe that if we are aware of the tenuous link we hold with existence within this life, it is a reason to be positive, not to passively sit back defeated, but to make positive interventions, galvanise ourselves to squeeze more juice from it.

“You don’t have to find out your dying to start living.”

 Zach Sobiech – singer-songwriter, died May 20th 2013, aged 18 from cancer

Remind yourself to be with the people you like and care for, do the things that set your heather alight, take the time to be ALIVE, to smell, taste, see the life you have, it’s all yours, appreciate how wondrous it can be, even though you know some days it just feels rubbish, find the joy and if, as sometimes happens, joy is a bit thin on the ground, cultivate some.

“Don’t be afraid that life will end, be afraid it will never begin.”

 Grace Hansen

3 black and white photographs on the theme of fragility. Images of a tightrope walker, a diving into the sea sequence and a human pyramid on a motorbike 


Try this

Make a list of 5 things you want to do before you die, don’t play safe, go for it regardless of how impossible they may seem.

Eliminate the least urgent from the list, the thing you could most bear to forgo. Repeat this until you are left with the number 1 thing you wish to do before you die.

A black and white drawing of a hand pointing to the right - cuff in view   START HERE – She’s Starting Early


Don’t be deterred by how unlikely the idea is, just do it.

If you yearn to play the cello at Carnegie Hall but have never had a music lesson, take some.

If you fancy travelling the world but have no money, plan a route, know where and why you want to go there, be ready for a time when you may find a how.

If running a marathon is top of the list but at the moment running for the bus is beyond your capabilities, start where you are today with what you’ve got, walk, improve, find a training partner, plan out interesting routes.

If you know where you want to go you very often find a way to get there. If and when you complete your wish, start on number 2, you could continue ad infinitum.

“The whisper you keep hearing is the universe trying to get your attention.”

 Oprah Winfrey

Turn up the volume on that whisper, acknowledge your fragility and your resilience, work towards the things that make you come alive. I wish you all long, happy, healthy lives but if you were to die whilst working on a goal at least you will shuffle off this mortal coil, alive and engaged with that fragility, not shying from it.



Image Tile/Header–  Hand blown Glass Chandelier hanging in the lobby of the V & A Museum by Dale Chihuly

Hyperlink to YouTube – A three year old delivers the most intense motivational speech of all-time – duration 1min 24 secs

YouTube – Esperanza Spalding & Herbie Hancock – Sing ‘Fragile’ at the Kennedy Center Honors 2014 – duration 2 mins 18 secs


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