By Marian Connor

I was thinking about change. It could be the gradual rise in the spring energy that set me thinking about the desire and ability to adapt throughout our lives, to respond to circumstance and develop change to innovate new ideas and opportunity.

On the one hand change can be a scary thing, it takes a while for us to find a comfortable groove in life to fit into and once we have disruption it can be unsettling, but on the other hand the ability to change, the desire to discover and grow is a very positive way to live once we embrace it.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

 Wayne Dyer

Of course we can all think of changes that were perhaps, not for the better, in situations at work, within health regimes and let’s not forget some of those hairstyles and trends we once thought were a brilliant idea. But many changes are for the better and people create great success from change.

We probably would never have heard of Walt Disney if he had remained a newspaper editor, or Harrison Ford if he stuck with carpentry, Andrea Bocelli if he had stayed a lawyer or Whoopi Goldberg if she had continued working in a funeral parlour. Change is an ongoing element within our lives, if you are alive there are opportunities to change regardless of age, as this article from Mental Floss illustrates, Famous folks launched careers after 50.

 “You’re as young as the last time you changed your mind.”

 Timothy Leary

 If we accept change is inevitable we may as well make sure some are of our own volition to help create a life we choose and enjoy many of the hidden benefits change brings.

Change creates opportunity and possibility; it allows us to be adventurous.

Change makes us more flexible; as we allow it to take place we gain knowledge from new experiences.

We experience greater opportunities for psychological, personal and spiritual growth.

We should realise that by instigating small changes we feel comfortable with, we can eventually create bigger shifts. This short film from Inkling TV explains a little about how we see change and how we can help make transitions from an ow to a wow.


So with the breeze of change a blowing we have decided to create something new to try to spread 8 in the Universe to a wider audience.

We will continue to post our blog with our musings on life and living on the second of Wednesday of each month. Then on the last Wednesday of the month, we are introducing a change, if you would like to sign up, you will find a brand new 8 in the Universe creation delivered to your inbox, sharing more of the things that interest us, information and research which we believe will help you in your quest for a happier healthier life. We will add any news about our up and coming workshops and events as well as any others we think are interesting, and generally pull together anything else that takes our fancy.

We are loath to call this a ‘newsletter’ so we have decided on ‘Cornucopia’, how good is that? A symbol of abundance and nourishment in your mitts every month, overflowing with elements we want to share to inform, inspire and empower you.

Allan Karl said, “Change is learning, learning is growing, growing is living. So live.”

Yes, so live and let us help you do it well.

We will be contacting you very soon with the opportunity to sign up for our monthly Cornucopia and perhaps you can think of someone you like enough to share it with. Go on, spread the love.


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Hyperlink – Famous folks launched careers after 50 by Mental Floss via CNN.

YouTube – How to embrace change by www. inkling women dot com au– duration – 00:08:58


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