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Hello trusted Readers. Hope all is well with you. We have decided to have a regroup about our website, the blog and how we use them to represent the company. For two years now we have regularly posted twice monthly, sharing our thoughts and trying to express the ethos behind 8 in the Universe. Well we don’t think it’s doing the job, we need to become more visible and shout a bit louder.

So now feels like a good time for a bit of a shake up, an overhaul of how we do things.

We will be back with a revamp. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or suggestions we would welcome the input and if you would like to spread the word about us, that would be good too.

Thank you for all your support so far and hope to see you very soon.

Marian, Karen and the 8 in the Universe tribe.


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If we have whet your appetite for further discovery, keep in mind that we create interactive experiential workshops and events embracing 8 elements, exploring a myriad of ways to enhance your health and happiness.

Oh yes and let’s not forget these are beautifully packaged with individually created accoutrements for your delectation. All delivered by us, people to people, business to business.

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