We know it’s been quite some time since we decided to revamp the website and review our workshops. So long in fact you could be forgiven for thinking we had disappeared, well rest assured we have not, far from it in fact things are really looking up, we are almost ready to launch our new 8 in the Universe website.

We are collaborating with ECHO, the economy of hours in Hackney Wick and have launched a new series of workshops at Work.Life, a co-working place and a fantastic series of morning and lunchtime workshops at Here East in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

You will find our events at the Scandinavian Business Seating company during Clerkenwell Design Week and where we launch a new series of Invitation only Workplace Health and Wellness Workshops from September 2017 through 2018. So if you are looking to improve the health and wellbeing of your people, please get in contact.

Our new website will be up and running in July 2018, why not check back with us then to discover more or why wait, say hello now.

See you soon folks.

Marian and Karen

Updated April 2018

Image Tile/Header – Nurses at the Roosevelt Hospital in New York City, 1938 – photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt

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