Life is complex and messy, as are people.

We are all works in progress.

What can we do to enhance our lives?

We value the multi-facets of life; understand how they affect us and the contribution they make to our health and wellbeing. We can all do with a little assistance, so we co-founded 8 in the Universe to help people find their own unique, best route through this glorious adventure that is life.


Having spent a lifetime making things and a big chunk of time teaching things, it was time to create something different, that allowed me to fuse together my experience in Design & Making with my knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology.

To create and share an approach to wellbeing that truly deals with the whole person and empowers you to take the right actions for your life.


My experience is in education, creating and delivering learning opportunities that meet the diverse needs and aspirations of people and communities. Overseeing the development of curriculum and managing teams in the subjects of Health, Wellbeing, Nutrition, Visual Arts and Fitness. 

Fortuitously the opportunity for change arose, a chance to use my experience in a more adventurous and creative way.  I took it.

And here we are, forces joined, utilising all the best bits of our experience and dare we say, expertise, offering an engaging and effective slant on Wellbeing. 

We head up a posse of trusted co-conspirators who share their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to help you find your unique wellbeing path. 

All whilst indulging our penchant for pom-poms.

“As a Director and leader of large teams I am invited to lots of well-being type experiences, but this was different. This was real. A combination of science, food, life practices and achievable realistic and doable things that I could use and take back to my teams to work towards life balance rather than work life balance. I knew I had found what I was looking for!”

Teresa, University, Director of Engagement

In the words of Mr Magorium of the famous Wonder Emporium…

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”  

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Marian Connor & Karen Reed