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Case Study

Forster Communications is an award-winning PR agency who work with businesses and charities to accelerate social change. They have twice won Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Award and consider employee wellbeing integral to their organisation.

The Challenge

Forster asked us to create a bespoke session, to offer engaging and practical techniques on managing stress, for their team which included several new members.

After a discussion with their Wellbeing Lead about the people involved and what they would like to achieve, we agreed morning pre-work would give the maximum number of the team the opportunity to attend and went away to create content worth getting up for.

Our Solution

We made this amuse bouche to be circulated to invite attendance.

Putting Up a Resistance


The potential for stress is everywhere – we are surrounded by it. At work, at home, people, places, our whole environment, outside and within.

Sounds grim.

Is resistance futile?

We think not.

We can begin by developing strategies to ease the pressure and create an environment with greater resistance. Join us for an interactive interlude where we will highlight some of the reasons why we feel the pressure and how our minds and bodies react. Leave us with tactics to lighten the load.

Our Approach

Everything we create endeavours to be welcoming and encourage a relaxed atmosphere with opportunities for attendees to interact, communication within teams is always important but particularly so for new members. 

We mixed scientific evidence and traditional wisdom with the realities of daily life to create content that was relevant and follow up actions that were doable. We presented a range of multisensory techniques to help manage stress and encourage resilience which were engaging and light-hearted, which we felt particularly appropriate first thing in the morning. 

We know how easy it can be to leave a workshop, be overwhelmed by your day and put what you’ve learnt on the back burner, so we created colourful, tactile printed matter infused with essential oils to remind everyone of the content and follow up actions to try, as well as snack bags with brain boosting contents for an energy boost mid-morning

The Response

8 in the Universe branded workshop resources sitting on the wok desk of people at Forster Communications following their attendance at a 8 in the Universe Stress and Resiliemce Workshop

Posted on Twitter by Forster Comms

Great session with @8intheuniverse this morning on how the mind & body react to stress and finding ways to build up a resistance. Looking forward to our goodie bags later!

Attendance was higher than expected and the feedback gathered by Forster confirmed that we fulfilled the challenge set by providing 100% of the attendees with practical techniques to better manage their stress. 

For example, Forster asked their people what is the biggest thing you will take away from this session?

“Makes you realise what’s actually happening and that if you interrupt it then it could actually really make a difference.”

“To breathe!”

“Small prompts and reminders throughout the day to check in on how stressed I’m feeling and know that I can do something about it.”

“How little things can make a big difference.”

Having attended several workshops by 8 in the Universe, with both larger group audiences and smaller hands-on sessions, it’s clear they have a uniquely holistic approach to wellbeing. There is a huge amount of attention to detail and their authentic and engaging approach seems to generate a real curiosity in people. They hosted a resilience themed workshop with us earlier this year which was both awareness raising but also armed the team with a host of ideas on how to better manage their own stress.

Kate Parker, Marketing Manager and Wellbeing Lead at Forster Communications 


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