If you are a organisation interested in enriching the wellness of your people, you’ve come to the right place.

We fuse current scientific research with traditional wisdom for a better understanding of how ‘all aspects of life’ impact on your health and happiness. Our experiences will help you live a more vibrant, productive and creative life.

Here are some examples:

Black rectangle with various words in different fonts saying Nourish, Move, Rest, Love, Laugh, Learn, Gratitude and Contribute.



An interactive interlude of the 8 Elements – Nourish, Move, Rest, Love, Learn, Laugh, Gratitude, Contribute – how they are the foundation of our health and each impact on the quality of our lives. Take away a different slant on how you can better participate and take control of your own wellbeing.


A black and white photograph of Judy Garland dancing repeated 4 times side by side with the words @C'Mon Get Happy' written in red at the bottom of the image.


C’mon Get Happy

Carl Jung said, “The word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” This interactive experience has been created to help you find more opportunities to let happiness into your life, to boost your health and wellbeing.


A image of a vintage La Loteria, Mexican Bingo Playing card showing a hand, La Mano with the number 21 in the top left corner.


La Loteria

Well it might just look like Mexican Bingo to you but trust us it’s a whole lot more, it’s pub quiz meets cosmic bingo.

This is a playful interactive game delivering tons of information about health, by stealth.

We have created this game to be a multi-sensory experiential activity. Q&A’s about cards drawn, things to sample, taste, smell and techniques to learn.

e.g. Hand Image = Where are the pressure points on the hand to relieve a headache?


A trio of hands, all of the right palm showing identical mystical images on the palm, wrist, fingers and thumb. Black ink on a aged parchment background with Midsummer Magic written in white ink.


Seasonal Wellness

Recognise the seasonal shift in energy and discover how to tune into it. Discover how ancient traditions and the medicinal properties of nature are relevant today and how we can incorporate them into our everyday lives. Midsummer Magic is one of several seasonal themed experiences.

“Loved being part of this! The Echo team can’t recommend 8 in the Universe enough for their amazing creative wellbeing events :)”

Sarah Henderson, Director of Operations at Echo.


Presented by Marian Connor, Karen Reed and the 8 in the Universe team, this is your opportunity to experience our ethos in optimising health and happiness. To remind ourselves of the power we hold to influence our life and wellness.


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