If you are a organisation interested in enriching the wellness of your people, you’ve come to the right place.

We fuse current scientific research with traditional wisdom for a better understanding of how ‘all aspects of life’ impact on your health and happiness. Our experiences will help you live a more vibrant, productive and creative life.

Here are some examples:

Image of one eye drawn by in brown and black ink staring at you on a grey background with coloured stars and tears stuck to the eye and surrounds.


Seasonal Affective Disorder / SAD: I’m Beginning to see the Light

Let’s face it during winter we all need a little help to lift our spirits. To arm ourselves with the skills to keep that dismal SAD at bay. Better understand how our bodies and minds are affected by the seasonal darkness and its impact on our health, ability to work and live well.


Vintage black and white photograph from early 20th century of a strong man with a large slab of stone on his torso with another man with big mallet ready to break the stone. Overlooked by a group of men and a man with his hand up signalling when the mallet is to fall. Photographer unknown


Putting Up a Resistance

The potential for stress is everywhere – we are surrounded by it. At work, at home, people, places, our whole environment, outside and within.

Sounds grim.

Is resistance futile?

We think not.

We can begin by developing strategies to ease the pressure and create an environment with greater resistance. Join us for an interactive interlude where we will highlight some of the reasons we feel the pressure and how our minds and bodies react. Leave us with tactics to lighten the load.


A black and cream illustration of a heart with various sized and red coloured stem less roses placed over the whole image.


The Heart of the Matter

How a better understanding of your heart, both medical and mythological, can influence your relationship with it and the likelihood you will better love, respect and nurture its wellbeing.


Black rectangle with various words in different fonts saying Nourish, Move, Rest, Love, Laugh, Learn, Gratitude and Contribute.



An interactive experience of the 8 Elements – Nourish, Move, Rest, Love, Learn, Laugh, Gratitude, Contribute – how they are the foundation of our health and each impact on the quality of our lives. Take away a different slant on how you can better participate and take control of your own wellbeing.



Midwinter Wonderful / Seasonal Wellness

The dark days of winter and the festive hype can be stressful and impact negatively on your mood and productivity. This multi-sensory experience provides a different slant on how you can better manage your life this winter.

Explore how ancient mid-winter traditions, ceremonies and rituals from around the world impact on how you live today. An immersive delight to lift your spirit and feel more connected to the season.

“Feeling very festive after Echo, the economy of hours, Christmas social hosted by 8 in the Universe. Amazing night learning about the ancient midwinter traditions and touching, smelling and tasting various spices, foods and plants!” 

Eleanor Haproff, Huffington Post UK Tech contributor and Marvel App engineer.

“Loved being part of this! The Echo team can’t recommend 8 in the Universe enough for their amazing creative wellbeing events :)”

Sarah Henderson, Director of Operations at Echo.


Presented by Marian Connor, Karen Reed and the 8 in the Universe team, this is your opportunity to experience our ethos in optimising health and happiness. To remind ourselves of the power we hold to influence our life and wellness.


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