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We have developed ‘8 Elements’ – Nourish, Move, Rest, Love, Learn, Laugh, Gratitude, Contribute – which are the foundation upon which we provide tried and tested solutions to meet the need and demand to improve health and happiness, place a culture of wellbeing into the heart of organizations and communities.

We use all our skills and imagination to create content and learning experiences that are interesting, motivational and relevant to the realities of life.

“Having attended several workshops by 8 in the Universe, with both larger group audiences and smaller hands-on sessions, it’s clear they have a uniquely holistic approach to wellbeing. There’s a certain ‘magic’ about Marian that draws you in and makes it easy for you to follow her. Her humour, calm manner and authentic and engaging approach to how she unpicks different elements seem to generate a real curiosity in people.  Everyone at Forster Communications that attended their “Putting Up a Resistance” experience, loved it.”


 Kate Parker, Marketing Manager and Wellbeing lead at Forster Communications, the Small Company Winner 2016 & 2017 of the Vitality’s UK Annual Healthiest Workplace Survey.

Our outstanding team deliver innovative themed experiences in many time frames with a range of follow up packages available.

We can help you with:

Providing your people with extraordinary wellbeing experiences that reflect how much you value them, and their wellbeing.

A fresh approach to ongoing health and well being issues.

Ways to thrive not just survive.

Morale boosting during stressful periods of transition and change.

Creating a proactive, preventative, holistic wellness programme for people at all cycles of their life.

Building resilience to better manage life’s challenges.

       Improving social interaction, collaboration and a sense of community.


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