Midsummer Magic Competition

Congratulations to our three ‘Midsummer Magic Competition’ winners – on Facebook, Michelle from Elburton and from Twitter, Lisa from Liverpool and Rachael from North London. We are glad out little book treasures found such appreciative homes, thank you.

A predominantly black and white photograph of a tower of 30 plus books stacked on top of each other with a slogan saying 'Why not win some books? The books include Sacred Geometry, Stonehenge, Trees, Herbal Medicine etc


Summer Bodies Competition

Congratulations to our three ‘Summer Bodies Competition’ winners – On Twitter, Pat from Fife and Claire & her 5 yr old daughter from Plymouth. On Instagram, Mimi from London. We are so glad our workshop and bespoke aromatherapy products were such successful prizes, great feedback, thank you.

A picture of The Three Graces in a Gold Frame Fresque de Pompei from Naples, Museum of National Archeology overlaided with the text 'WIN All you have to do is post a pictue of ...






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