At 8 in the Universe we aim to improve the health and happiness of the whole person, through a programme of activities and events for companies, teams and individuals that inform, motivate and inspire.

We encourage behavioural shifts in life and lifestyle that will upgrade your sense of wellbeing and better equip you to manage the stresses and curve balls of life.

We have developed an eclectic offer which embraces scientific and holistic approaches to wellbeing presented as practical, entertaining, empowering experiences.

By working with 8 in the Universe you demonstrate how much you value the health and happiness of your people whilst improving their resilience, creativity, engagement and unlocking potential.


Why not be nice to yourself? You know it makes sense with Marian Connor,  Marian is co-founder of the one and only ‘8 in the Universe.’ Funny how we got in touch – via a tweet from Google! Literally, Google Campus in London said we must meet up with the co-founders. So we did. And we were very impressed. Google was right again…as usual. Marian and joint co-founder Karen are both a creative and kind powerhouse. And Marian has agreed to offer you an engaging and interactive workshop exploring ways to be kinder to yourself, and in doing so, allowing you the freedom to be kinder to those you live amongst. Expect to get your creative juices flowing – recommended!”

 Shamash Aldina, co- founder of the Museum of Happiness, author of the book, Mindfulness for Dummies and founder of Tech Mindfulness and Happier World.  Talking about our ‘Be Kind to Yourself’ experience.


“A big thank you! The evening oozed quality and everyone really loved it. The feedback was glowing across the board. Here are a couple of quotes…“It was one of the best workshops I’ve attended in years! Lovely ladies, thorough and so smiley.” “They were amazing – really well organised, energetic, fun and knowledgeable.”  

 Stuart Duncan, Community Manager at Echo, the Economy of Hours.  We created ‘Has Your Get Up and GO Got Up and Gone’ for Stuart and the Echo community.


“WOW! What a great experience! I attend so many events with most forgotten about by the time I have left the venue. However, with 8 in the Universe I find myself still reflecting on their messages and experiences to this day! Immersive, reflective and clever. With a dash of cheekiness. I look forward to the next one and shall be telling my friends and colleagues to get along as well!”

Mike Minett, Managing Director and co-founder of The Positive Ageing Company and AgeingWorks at Mercer UK. Mike attended ‘The Heart of the Matter’ at Google Campus London.




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