“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”  C.S. Lewis

Whether you are an SME, larger organisation or an Events Manager we offer a multitude of fresh ideas and solutions to improve your culture of wellbeing.


Research shows a strategic long-term approach to workplace wellbeing not only improves the usual suspects of absence, engagement and performance but can better target the particular needs of a workforce to create healthier, energised, inspired people who enjoy greater success and life satisfaction

We can do that.

We offer consulting on effective ways to improve the life quality of your people, drawing on our shed load of knowledge and life experience, to identify and create beneficial changes to the health and culture of your community.


8 in the Universe custom-design programmes around your specific needs. We make them immersive and experiential to grab people’s attention and fire up their imagination to enable, doable, relevant, lasting change.

We help to create the alchemy that enriches lives by designing themed experiences in the shape of interludes, workshops and events, in all manner of time frames, from one hour to a weekend scheduled throughout the year.

Everything is developed over time from our broad knowledge of evidence-based practices and our innovative approach in collaboration with our network of talented co-conspirators.

& Events

We deliver content rich in activities, always striving to engage the senses through taste, sound, smell & texture, whilst mixing in our custom-made resources, that not only tempt curiosity but are interesting enough to want to hang on to and continue to use.

This makes an enticing recipe suited to the creation of unique stand alone events, but can also be adapted to become a part of much larger event productions.

Whatever portion size of 8 in the Universe you choose we will always be serving delicious ways to ingest information whilst inviting you to discover your own ongoing strategies for upgrading your life.

Let the alchemy begin.

Here's a Flavour


An interactive interlude of the 8 Elements – Nourish, Move, Rest, Learn, Love, Laugh, Gratitude, Contribute – how they are the foundation of our health and how they impact on and permeate the quality of our lives. Take away a different slant on how you can better participate and take control of your own wellbeing

The Heart of the Matter

How a better understanding of your heart and its function, psychological and mythological, can influence your relationship with it and the likelihood you will better love, respect and nurture it, contributing to your health and wellbeing

I’m Beginning to see the Light

Let’s face it during autumn and winter we all need a little help to lift our spirits. To better understand how our body and mind is affected by the seasonal darkness and its impact on our health, ability to work and live well. This experience will arm you with a variety of techniques to keep that dismal Seasonal Affective Disorder at bay.

A Seasonal Wellbeing Event

Our levels of stress and anxiety have reached epidemic levels in the UK. 2 in 5 employees have experienced poor mental health related to work in the last year, 23% in the last month. (BITC Sept 2019)

Room for improvement? We can do that.

Here’s a Case Study about a Stress and Resilience interlude we delivered for Forster Communications and how it made a difference.

“WOW! What a great experience! I attend so many events with most forgotten about by the time I have left the venue. However, with 8 in the Universe I find myself still reflecting on their  messages and experiences to this day! Immersive, reflective and clever.  With a dash of cheekiness. I look forward to the next one and shall be telling my friends and colleagues to get along as well!”

Mike Minett, Founder of PORTABL.co

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