About us

We are a company populated by interesting, incredibly well qualified and talented individuals with experience and expertise in a multitude of disciplines including Anatomy & Physiology, Energy Work, Complementary Therapies, Design, Science, Fitness, the Performing and Creative Arts.

We soak up information, embrace tradition and unpick the science to curate collections of all the best bits.

We are all of a mind, learning and development is not about filling a bucket, it’s about lighting a fire.

Chosen for Google Campus’ Founders Program, London.

We are Marian, Karen and the 8 in the Universe tribe.


We live and are enamoured by the vibrant beauty of Londinium.

We can work in your space or help you discover new environments that will add another positive ingredient in your 8 in the universe experience.

Why are we called 8 in the Universe?

We like the number 8 for many reasons, not least it is a wonderful shape.

The word universe sounds generous, sounds expansive.

We ask the universe all those complex questions we have no answers for, and sometimes we get lucky and it replies.

We like the symbolism of stars and twinkle, light and dark, chaos and order, infinity.

So we became ‘8 in the universe’.  From which we have developed 8 elements.

We use the elements as a framework on which to hang our 8 in the universe experiences and to explore ways for you to make a positive impact on your daily realities.


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