We know our stuff and we are really rather good at it.

 At 8 in the universe we are like your knowledgeable friend. Slightly geeky and a bit off centre who thrives on new thoughts and information. About everything really; science, fashion, history, music, art, craft, biology, spirit, psyche, esoterica. A friend who really enjoys sharing. Far be it for us to hide the light of great information and innovations about living well, under a bushel.

We live in a world of constant information, broadcast, written, heard, information about who we are, who we should be, how our mind and bodies work, how we should behave, how the food we eat affects us, how our environment and our thoughts impact on our lives… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So much stuff coming at us, generally making life more confusing rather than explaining how to be healthier and happier.

You are told you should be mindful but what is that and what will it do for you? You should eat more essential fatty acids but why and where will you find them? We are constantly reminded how much we need to exercise to keep our mind and body functioning. But given you have minimal time to spare what’s the least you can do for the best results?

At 8 in the universe we know how difficult it is to negotiate the tsunami of do and don’ts, why and wherefores. It’s something we do all the time and now we would like to share our expertise with you. Because all of life is entwined, we believe information on art, music and say, origami are as relevant to your well being as biology, neuroscience and nutrition. They are all elements of living and can positively impact on your life.

Just as we can by helping you squeeze more juice out of life.



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